I am Donna Howland, an artist from Burgess Hill, West Sussex. I specialise in pet portraits.

My love for drawing started from around the age of seven years old, and in 2002 I graduated with a
B A Honours degree in Illustration.

My usual medium is pastel pencils on paper, but I do work with other materials as well, such as oil paints.

I only use the highest quality materials and pencils.
All my images are completely drawn by hand. They are not computer generated in any way.

I ask for some good high resolution photos to work from. The better the image the better the drawing.
Please see the "What I need from you" section for more details of what I need to work from.

I can show you your portrait in stages so you can see how it is developing.

You can see some of my recent finished commissions in the "Finished Commissions" gallery.

Finished Commissions

Finished Commissions

Here are some of my recent finished commissions.
Click on a thumbnail to see full image.
Commissions in Progress

Commissions in Progress

Its wonderful seeing the commissions come to life.

I can, if you wish, show you your portrait in stages as I go so you can see how it is developing.

Other artwork

Other artwork

Here you can see other pieces of my artwork that are not pets to show that I can do a range of art.